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Contact:Miao Jia Chun
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Address:Medium-sized town of Dafeng Industrial Park Road, east of the 16th IB

  Dafeng Yongsheng sponge products Co. Ltd. is a variety of sponge products kitchen cleaning sponge, wash sponge, bath sponge, makeup sponge, sponge, sponge magic medical, filter sponge, sponge, sponge shockproof industrial products such as professional production and processing company. has a complete, scientific quality management system. Dafeng Yongsheng sponge products limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.

  Dafeng Yongsheng sponge products Co. Ltd. is a variety of sponge products, Jiangsu Dafeng Dafeng medical sponge, makeup sponge wholesale, wholesale, Jiangsu Dafeng Jiangsu filtration sponge shockproof sponge bath sponge, wholesale, Jiangsu Dafeng cleaning sponge method wholesale, Jiangsu direct car washing sponge, sponge wholesale wholesale Jiangsu Dafeng industrial products such as professional production and processing company, has a complete, scientific quality management system.

  Company production equipment, management and technical personnel complete, existing foaming machine, cutting machine, vertical cutting machine, cutting machine, wave machine and glue and other mechanical equipment. Form: development, production, processing and sales as one of the supporting service.

  Company strictly according to modern enterprise system, all staff strictly according to ISO9002 quality management system to operate, we have the spirit of "Xing enterprise, for the society, sincere customer" enterprise culture, everything has been appointed to meet customer demand, in the face of competition in the industry, always as a: to really, Zhi Cheng, to the letter. The spirit of "quality and development, with services to establish the image by management, striving for efficiency, with the technology development and market" concept, constantly innovative technology, updated equipment, improve self; adhere to the principle of "full participation, refine on, customer first, sustainable development" quality policy, make concerted efforts, work together to create high-quality products; in line with "have the whole world in view, looking to the future" the enterprise spirit of striving for a better future.

  The company will be the attitude of sincere cooperation, honest work style, pragmatic style, mutual win-win situation to provide comprehensive solutions for the customer product support.

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Contact:Miao Jia Chun    Phone:18662078066  13851015747    Address:Dafeng City in Jiangsu Dazhong Town Industrial Park, ****6 Xingye Road, east of