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Sponge composition
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Sponge: primary colors: yellow, some are due to the need drift into other soft white or dyed, heat intolerance, easy to burn, is a product of plastic according to the size of the inner bubble, can reflect a variety of density, can be molded into various shapes according to need, widely used in various industries, mainly for shock, such as filling materials

  Sponge is an animal, its appearance and behavior are different from normal animals, he would food directly into the body

  Sponge containing holesAre found in sea water from the body into the hole, then flows into the central cavity

  Water holeWater hole is a great outlet, where water flows out and took away the body's waste sponge. In the sponge house after mechanical water sponge sponge away the same young mother will
  Collar cellsDefend the central cavity of that layer of tissue filled with collar cells. Flagellated collar cells have a similar structure, fluctuations in the water flowing through the cavernous flagellum, collar cells can ingest food particles from the water

  SpiculesIn some cavernous outer cells and inner cells are distributed between very fine spicules. From these structures composed of spicules can play to support the body's misuse
  Gel cellThese cells like the one found in living bone needles between particles, fragrant flowers and break down food, take away waste, such as the formation of sperm and Soft Cell.

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