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What is plastic bonding
2013/9/5 Views:[494]
      Sponge Factory under the action of the adhesive, the two plastic products, plastics and other materials, or connected as a whole, known as plastic bonding. Also known bonding techniques. As adhesive industrial development, the use of this process for assembly, maintenance and decoration has been expanding, bonding method is also increasing. Sponge Factory bonding methods are generally about three kinds
(1) In a mixed solvent flux or as a binder for bonding. To the different characteristics of plastic resins, select the appropriate solvent. Suitable thermoplastic
(2) The resin solution as binder for bonding. Should mainly be used the same resin as the bonding material, such as PS adhesive products, the choice of PS resin solution. This method is also suitable thermoplastic, solvent bonding effect than
(3) Adhesive monomer or oligomer, both activated binder method. And the object to be bonded by the same or a compatible monomers and additives formulated, in a room temperature polymerization or polycondensation of an epoxy resin adhesive, natural rubber, chloroprene rubber, PU rubber, nitrile rubber, phenolic - polyvinyl butyral resin. This method is suitable for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics can be used for bonding and non-plastic material, the use of a wider
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